Installing SSDT on Visual Studio 2015


You’d imagine this would be pretty straight forward right? Something like, VS2015 and then install SSDT right? WRONG!

First you need to install VS 2015 and then install the LATEST version of SSDT available here. After this the install should go through OK.

The issue is when you do a <favourite search provider> search for ‘SQL Server Data Tools’ you come to this page and you are offered two options, pick the top one:


Good luck….

Schema Compare not updating target in Visual Studio


This has been a bit of a pain over the last little while until I found a post at the bottom of this thread on Stack Overflow:

The issue I was having was that I wasn’t including the schema in the update, which was causing tables to not be updated in the target. Obviously once I started including the schemas the updates started coming through! w007.