INR number to words with ARRAYFORMULA in Google Sheets


Amit Agarwal has put together a great little script for Google Sheets that turns INR (Indian Rupees) amounts into words. Like you’d need to use if you were writing a cheque.

You can find the original code here: INR Amount to Words

However in its current state it won’t work if you want to use it in an ARRAYFORMULA. You only need to make a small change though and the below code will help with that.

We just need to check if an array is being sent in the input and then either process each of the rows in the array, or process the single incoming row if appropriate.

function INR(input)
    return INR_(input);

function INR_(input) {........


As you can see I’ve renamed the original function to INR_ so that we can add the new functionality without breaking the original functionality.

The same logic can then be used to turn any function into one that will work in an ARRAYFORMULA. Because if you’re still coping VLOOKUPS all the way to the bottom of your sheet you’re wasting your time!