Installing SSDT on Visual Studio 2015


You’d imagine this would be pretty straight forward right? Something like, VS2015 and then install SSDT right? WRONG!

First you need to install VS 2015 and then install the LATEST version of SSDT available here. After this the install should go through OK.

The issue is when you do a <favourite search provider> search for ‘SQL Server Data Tools’ you come to this page and you are offered two options, pick the top one:


Good luck….


SSIS Script Task Won’t Debug


You’ve gone into the editor and added your breakpoints to your C# but when you run your package the script task won’t debug, what’s going on?

There are a couple of causes of this we’ve found.

Number 1: You have two or more script tasks and two or more of these have break points in them. Only set break points in one script task at a time.

Number 2: You need to set the Run64BitRuntime property of the package to false. Right-click on your project and select ‘Properties’, then go to the Debugging tab and change the below record to FalseSSIS_Debug