An error occurred while setting the value of property “Initial Catalog”


Today I received the below error message when executing a SSIS catalog SSIS package from an Agent job:


We currently have an Environment Variable that has variables that contain the full connection string of the database:


We then set the ConnectionString property of the relevant database connection on the Connection Managers tab when configuring the SSIS Catalog:


The above error was caused by setting the InitialCatalog to use the Environment Variable variable instead of setting the ConnectionString to use the variable. Once the properties were swapped the issue disappeared!

SSAS – Attribute cannot be created because a hierarchy with the same ID or name already exists


Just now I received the wonderful error:

Error 15 Errors in the metadata manager. The attribute hierarchy for the Category attribute cannot be created because a hierarchy with the same ID or name already exists.

Gee thanks for the insight there SSAS into what the actual error is. My cube only has one Category dimension, also there is only one hierarchy called Category, which lives, surprisingly in the Category dimension.


As you can imagine the deployment of my cube failed as per below:


And the lovely error below:


It turns out the issue was the the Category Dimension cannot have a hierarchy with the same name as the name of the dimension itself. I.e. you can’t have a hierarchy called ‘Category’ in the ‘Category’ dimension.

Once I changed the name of the hierarchy to ‘Category Group’ the cube deployed and processed as expected.

Gotta love those super descriptive error messages 🙂