Login failed for user ‘NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS USER’


I needed to manually run a project deployment model SSIS package (on box A) that talks to a SQL Server instance on another machine (box B), the package runs a stored procedure and returns some results. Box A and Box B are not linked servers, however the SQL Agent service account and the SQL Server service account from Box A both have permissions to execute the procedure on box B.

When I run the package manually through the SSIS project


it fails with the below error:


What’s going on? I’ve got permission to run the stored procedure on Box B as well, but my user seems to be getting replaced with NT AUTHORITY\ANONYMOUS LOGIN. The issue here is that as of SQL Server┬áneeds credential delegation to be turned on. You can do this either through a linked server, or as I did it, by creating a SQL Agent job to handle the delegation for me.

There’s more learning to do here as we may have impersonation handling the delegation for me, but for the purposes of recording how an error message relates to a problem, I think this suffices for the moment and will allow further investigation.



Installing SSDT on Visual Studio 2015


You’d imagine this would be pretty straight forward right? Something like, VS2015 and then install SSDT right? WRONG!

First you need to install VS 2015 and then install the LATEST version of SSDT available here. After this the install should go through OK.

The issue is when you do a <favourite search provider> search for ‘SQL Server Data Tools’ you come to this page and you are offered two options, pick the top one:


Good luck….