TABCMD – Not enough permissions


So recently I was publishing some datasets to my Tableau server using PowerShell and received the below strange error message:


Here’s the command I was using:

tabcmd publish $publishFile
               -t $SiteName -r $ProjectName -u $username -p $password


The problem was the data source already existed on the server and I hadn’t specified -o to overwrite. So here’s the command that worked for me:

tabcmd publish $publishFile
               -t $SiteName -r $ProjectName -u $username -p $password -o

3 thoughts on “TABCMD – Not enough permissions

  1. Patrick

    Hi there.
    I’ve used the Powershell publish’s script that you described in a previous post ( which was a very good starting point. Thank you for that.

    I came across the exact same error that you described here for about two-third of all our workbooks. I’ve used the ‘-o’, like you’ve suggested, at the end of the publish command, but that did not resolved our problem, unfortunately.

    Looking at the log, the only difference that we could find between the workbooks who got published and the ones that came back with this error is that there seems to be a “Connecting to url (GET)” command to the following folder (http://%5Bservername%5D/t/%5BProject%5D/vizportal/api/clientxml/file_uploads/19291:44B6C817D9F74C009BB067D0B9937D5A-2:0/status) followed by this command:
    (Resuming upload 19291:44B6C817D9F74C009BB067D0B9937D5A-2:0 from offset 167992)
    that occurred for the files in error.

    The ones that passed don’t have that GET command:
    Connecting to url (POST): http://%5Bservername%5D/t/%5BProject%5D/vizportal/api/clientxml/ file_uploads/ create
    Created upload: 14604:A8C9D3A9B974436E885FEC07551394B4-1:0

    Since, in our process, we always delete all the workbook files on the server, with the Tabcmd delete command, prior to publish the new ones, I’m wondering why it tries to resume a previous upload as opposed to create a new one?

    Would you know how to troubleshoot this or what other argument, in the command, that would force the creation of a new upload? We tried the –restart option and that did not do it either…

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    • Hmm.. interesting. What happens when you log in and then publish only one of the failing workbooks and then log out, does that do anything different? I’m wondering if the session has anything to do with it and it’s caching\keeping open one of the uploads..


      • Patrick

        Publishing only one of the failing workbooks, through Tabcmd, gave the same result. However, doing it manually, through Tableau Desktop, published the workbook without any issue.


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