SSIS moving objects on canvas craziness


Ever had problems in SSIS when moving objects about where the object you’re using will zoom off the designer and almost into a parallel universe? I’m sure we’ve all been there and the only solution I’ve seen was to hold down Ctrl whilst using the arrow keys to put your objects where you want. Well there’s a better way..

Step 1: Click the ‘Fit view to window’ button:


Step 2: Move your objects to the shape you want, if you have one outlier that is causing the problem, round it up and bring it back closer to the other objects:


Step 3: Select ALL of the objects on the canvas and press Ctrl + X or right-click and select ‘Cut’

Step 4: Press Ctrl+V or right-click and select ‘Paste’ to paste all of your object back onto the canvas, but this time back to where they belong.



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